Recently, a number of Pokemon Go players in London and New York are reporting that a hacker is kind of messing with the Gyms located in their areas by placing eggs in them.

According to a Reddit user tunneyb, the Gym located at the Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain in Bryant Park, Manhattan was taken over by an egg with zero combat power because of the glitch. Players were unable to battle that egg as it had zero CP and was an egg, not a Pokemon. The user also requested Niantic to remove such kind of Gyms present in New York.

Pokemon Go

On the same thread, a lot of other Pokemon Go players reported that the hacker also messed up the Gyms located near them. According to them, the hacker glitched the Gyms located at the Tao Uptown Asian fusion restaurant at 58th and Madison, the New York City Post Office, Madison Square Garden, the New York Times Building in midtown Manhattan Time Square and the Nikola Tesla Plaque at Hotel New Yorker. The hacker also managed to glitch two gyms in London, the Buckingham Palace gym and the gym at Big Ben.

In Pokemon Go, Gyms are supposed to serve as an arena where players have to battle against other players in order capture the gym. As for eggs, they can be collected from various PokeStops. Afterwards, players have to place them inside an incubator and then walk a specific distance in order to hatch them.

Pokemon Go

There is no benefit in hacking a Gym in Pokemon Go. The hacker must have something against Niantic or he might be a maniac who can’t watch other players play peacefully. As for now, Niantic has to take some serious actions against these kind of hackers before players start losing their interest in the game.

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