Before Pokemon GO, the app’s developer Niantic had released another augmented reality game called Ingress. Of course, it was very well-received by smartphone users but couldn’t get as popular as Pokemon GO. But now that the new Pokemon game has been launched, Ingress is getting some attention. And did you know that you could use Ingress app to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

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A Reddit user has posted a guide that will help you locate rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO by using the map in Ingress. Yes, both the games have got a couple of similarities in their mechanisms. Firstly, the Portals in Ingress have been mostly converted to Gyms and PokeStops in Pokemon GO. Also, the XM generation in Ingress are converted to Pokemon Spawn points.

In the second similarity lies the special Pokemon GO hack that will lead you to rare Pokemon very quickly, very easily. Of course, there are some indications like rustling leaves that indicate that there’s a Pokemon around. But such indications are just a vague idea and do not exactly tell you where to look. Let’s see how you can use the Ingress app to your advantage in Pokemon GO

How to Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO Using Ingress

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When you open the Ingress app, you will see some white dots. These are called XM and denote the areas where cellular usage is frequent. The XM is energy that you need to collect in the game to perform actions.

The secret is that you will find Pokemon in areas where XM is available in large quantities. This can mostly help people who live in smaller cities or towns. Follow dense XM clusters will lead you to the location where you will find tons of Pokemon. The Reddit user who posted this tip said that he found a Squirtle 3 footprints away within ten minutes.

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But if you keep the Ingress app open while moving to the areas where XM is available in large quantities, the cloud of white dots will disappear for some time before it regenerates.

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