The reason behind the popularity of Pokemon GO is the fact that it allows you to catch Pokemon in real life. Following the path of “Gotta catch em all!” and trying to become a Pokemon Master is one of the major aspects of the game.

In Pokemon GO, players have to catch their favorite Pokemon by using Pokeballs. However, as this item is not unlimited in the game, players have to be extra careful while using them.

Pokemon Go

If you recently started playing Pokemon Go, then you must have already wasted many Pokeballs on a single Pokemon because you don’t know how to throw them properly or what they’re worth. However, you will realize the importance of Pokeballs on later stages when a rare Pokemon like a Snorlax or a Dragonite appears in front of you, but you are unable to catch it because you don’t have any Pokeballs left.

So to save you from that disappointment, we have listed a few ways through which you can avoid running out of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go.

Don’t Waste Pokeballs

As mentioned before, you won’t realize the importance of Pokeballs in early stages. You will feel like they’re easy to get, but trust me, they’re not. So try not to waste a lot of Pokeballs while trying to catch a single Pokemon. You will have to make every throw count. For those who don’t know how to throw a Pokeball properly, you can practice your Pokeball throwing skills by using this application.

Use Great Balls Only On Strong Pokemon

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If you managed to get your hands on some Great Balls in Pokemon Go, then it would be best to save them for strong Pokemon. For example, if a Snorlax or a Dragonite appears in front of you, then use a Great Ball to capture them because they will most likely escape out of a regular Pokeball. So you will be again wasting your Pokeball on them.

Always Keep Some Free Space In Your Bag

If you have a habit of collecting a lot of items in Pokemon Go, then there will come a time when your bag becomes full. Afterward, you won’t have any space left to store anything else including Pokeballs. So if you don’t have enough resources to upgrade your bag, then it would be wise to drop some items like Potions and Revives so you have more room to store Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go

As for now, try not to run out of Pokeballs after following the above steps because trust me, you don’t want to run out of Pokeballs especially when you’re in early stages. Be sure to check out how you can easily catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go before you leave.

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