While playing the new Pokemon GO augmented reality game on your smartphone, you will have to battle against opponents using your Pokemon. Naturally, there will be a lot of instances when your Pokemon is injured or fatigued after a battle, and you will need to heal and revive it. But how to heal and revive injured Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Image credits: Ottawa-Anime.com

Remember that inside this new game, you won’t find any Pokemon Centers where you can take your Pokemon injured for healing. So when you battle against your opponents to take over a gym, your Pokemon will surely take damage. To heal Pokemon and revive them to avoid a roster full of fainted Pokemon, you need items- Potions.

You can find these Potions at PokeStops or you can buy them from the Pokemon GO shop. This will restore some HP (Health Points) to your injured Pokemon. Potions offer 20 HP, while Super Potions give you 50 HP, and Hyper Potions bring back 200 HP. You will have to use Revive on Pokemon that cannot be healed using Potions. Revive works on fainted Pokemon, while you will still have to use Potions to heal them.

If you don’t have Potion or Revive, go to the nearest PokeStop and spin the icons to find the items. If there’s no luck, you will have to buy them from the Pokemon GO microtransactions. Remember that PokeStops are refreshed every 5 minutes, thus you can come back again until you find what you need. There’s no need to collect Revives and Potions before Level 5, which is the point after which you are allowed to fight opponent Pokemon.


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