No, you don’t need to be a really fit or athletic person to play Pokemon GO. Niantic’s augmented reality mobile game may not be the first of its kind but it definitely popularized the concept and made it mainstream. We realized that a lot of people would be playing the game for the first time now despite it being so popular ever since it was released. Still, we want to accommodate everyone, so here is our Pokemon GO guide for complete beginners.

Pokemon GO guide for choosing Starter Pokemon

You will have the option to choose between three Gen 1 Starter Pokemon. think carefully and choose accordingly. We highly recommend Charmander because the evolution of it to Charizard can give you a really good advantage in gym battles and trying to catch other Pokemon in general. If you want Pikachu as your starter, try this neat trick:

  • Walk away from the original starters
  • They will reappear near you whenever you walk away
  • Do this for a while and the trio will reappear with a friend
  • This will be Pikachu
pokemon go guide
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Throw the Pokeball exactly at the Pokemon

Just imagine you’re playing Angry Birds. Adjust the Pokemon at the center of the screen and then aim your Pokeball for that sweet spot. Some Pokemon may try to dodge your Pokeball. To avoid that, simply throw the Pokeball immediately after the Pokemon performs a dodge.

Catch a lot of Pokemon of the same type

We recommend doing this so you can get a lot of candy which you can then use to level up your Pokemon. Make sure you evolve the version of the same Pokemon name with the highest Individual Value. To find out which Pokemon of the same name has the highest IV, simply press the Appraise button to know its stats.

Regularly visit Pokestop for essential items

Pokestops are located at important landmarks like a shop, school or important office building. Visit them and then spin the circle by swiping. When it stops spinning, you will get Pokeballs, healing items and more.


Know how to use incense

Incense is a lure to attract wild Pokemon to your location. They’re very limited so use them wisely. Once you use one, it will be active for 30 minutes whether you are in the game or not. So, keep that in mind when you use Incense. This item is also available at Pokestops, so go there and try your luck to restock on this item.

pokemon go guide
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You can power-up a specific Pokemon using stardust

Powered up Pokemon are specifically useful in gym battles and fighting wild Pokemon. However, we do not recommend doing this frequently as stardust is truly rare. Use stardust on high CP Pokemon, particularly those above CP 50.

Buddy Pokemon

Choose a Pokemon you intend to frequently use in gym battles and Pokemon fights. Then take it for a walk and earn candy for it. The distance that is needed to travel to earn candy is different for each Pokemon. You can consult our distance chart for Buddy Pokemon.

Hatching eggs

Certain Pokestops will give you eggs which you can hatch to get Pokemon. Hatching eggs require you walk a certain amount of miles. Go to your options and choose an incubator. Then put your egg in the incubator and walk around to hatch it.

Lure modules

Lure modules function in the same way as an Incense, except they don’t attract Pokemon to your location. Instead, they attract Pokemon to a nearby Pokestop. These are more frequent than Incense and even cost less than Incense in the PokeStore, so we recommend using these if you are unable to find Pokemon. It also has the added benefit for making that Pokemon available to every other player near that location as well.

Lucky eggs

You can get them from the PokeStore. They will allow you to earn double XP for 30 minutes. However, they also cost a lot.

Let us know what you think of our Pokemon GO guide for absolute beginners. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates regarding Pokemon GO guide.


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