After being in beta testing for months, Pokemon GO was released a week ago and is now officially available. You can start catching Pokémon right now (well, after you download the game for your Android or iOS smartphone, that is). Getting the exact Pokémon you want can be tricky, however. Thankfully, we’ve learned quite a few things from the game’s field tests. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you’re trying to catch a specific Pokémon.

Pokémon GO

#1 Keep the Pokémon’s type in mind. In Pokémon GO, where a Pokémon can be found depends on Pokémon’s type. For example, you will find water Pokémon near water bodies like beaches, river, banks, etc. Grass Pokémon will be found more often in grassy parks than anywhere else. Look for a Squirtle in the desert, and chances are you’re going to be looking for a very long time indeed.

#2 Check the Weather. Weather affects Pokémon availability in the game. Water Pokémon enjoy being out and about when it’s raining. Electric Pokémon will show up in thunderstorms to get all charged up. Fire Pokémon enjoy the sun and will show up on sunny days. So make sure the weather’s right before you go off catching the Pokémon you want.

#3 Rare Pokémon show up in specific areas. One player shared that he passed a patch of grass on the way to work that spawned a Ninetails, a Hitmonchan, a Jolteon and a Porygon. All of these are comparatively rare Pokémon in Pokemon GO. Look around your surroundings until you find such an area, and keep checking back there to see what you can find.

When you spot a Pokemon of your choice, tap on it to initiate the capture process. You will see a marker with Pokeballs; just toss the Pokeballs towards the Pokemon with good aim and you will be able to catch it. Do remember that some Pokemon are hard to catch, and you can use higher-level Pokeballs to make things easier. While capturing a Pokemon, you will see a ring around it. Green means easy to catch, Orange means intermediate, and Red means it’s hard to catch and will take more Pokeballs.

What other tips and advice do you have for players of Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments below.


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