Many of you might be wondering “What is Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO?. Well, we have got the answer for you. A Lucky Egg is an Egg that helps in gaining an extra level or maybe two levels in a short period. When your trainer reaches Level Nine or higher in the Pokemon Go, you will be able to see a Lucky Egg in your items list, which is perhaps a gift for reaching that particular level. However, you can get more Lucky Eggs by purchasing them internally in the game.

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What is the use of a Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO? A Lucky Egg helps in increasing all of your earned XP by doubling it and that too for a period of 30 minutes. In this guide, we will help you use your Lucky Egg to the maximum possible extent with a simple trick. Before heading over to this trick, make sure you have the following things with your trainer- Several Multiple Pokemon to evolve, Mammoth Stardust, Incense, and many Pokeballs.

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How to Use Lucky Egg the Best Way

  1. The first step is to choose a location where a Pokestop and Gym rest beside each other, which is an important part to make use of your Lucky Egg.
  2. After reaching to the Pokestop, drop an Incense and incubate the Lucky Egg. Now, the 30 minutes countdown begins.
  3. Now, start evolving all of your Pokemon. You can see that all of your XP will be doubled because of the Lucky Egg.
  4. In between the evolution process, capture all the Pokemon which the Incense attracts with the help of Pokeballs, which also helps in doubling your XP. You can also read our guide on How to Earn More Pokeballs.
  5. After the completion of evolution, head over to the nearby Gym and start attacking to increase the prestige of the Gym. The prestige depends upon how much rapidly you attack.
  6. If your Lucky Egg is still active, you can use your Stardust to increase the CP of the particular Pokemon and keep on attacking to gain more CP.

Having said that, you need to follow each step carefully to fully make use of your Lucky Egg. Hope this guide helps you. If you face any difficulties while following the procedure, let us know in comments, we will surely help you.


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