As we all know, Pokemon Go recently received an update from its developers, which surprisingly removed some of the most important features and blocked access to third-party apps in the game.

As Pokemon Go’s very own tracking feature ‘Nearby’ was kind of buggy, the community decided to create their own tracking system and were able to successfully create PokeVision and PokeHound. However, the game’s performance was getting poor because of these three so Niantic decided to remove them from the game.

Their decision without any doubt, made a lot of fans angry as it became hard to locate a single Pokemon without the tracking system. But, after getting a hailstorm of negative criticism on Reddit, Niantic finally decided to bring back the Nearby tracking system.

How The New Tracking Feature Works In Pokemon Go

A section titled as ‘Sightings’ has been added in Pokemon Go and whenever someone taps on it, a new window appears where some Pokemon having green grass behind them are listed. The green grass behind them is the new tracking system, meaning that the grass has replaced the footprints.

Here’s how the new green grass tracking feature works in Pokemon Go. (Courtesy of iDigitalTimes).

  • Pokémon on the tab are the ones closest to you.
  • The app refreshes every 10 seconds, and any Pokémon within 200 meters or a little over two football fields, gets added to the list.
  • If a Pokémon despawns or you move too far away from it, it gets removed from the list.
  • It also looks like the ones higher up on the list are closer, just like the old three-step tracker had.
  • Lured Pokémon won’t appear on the list.It isn’t as precise as the old tracker was, with players only able to estimate where exactly their Pokémon are.

As for now, Pokemon Go still lacks some important feature, but Niantic surely did a great job by giving us a replacement for the previously removed tracking feature.

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