A lot of people have completed their Pokedex and are wondering what is next. Well, obviously the next logical thing for Niantic to do is add Pokemon GO Gen 2 to the game. Most important thing we need to do right now is to save ourselves from the impulse of spending candies. We can start saving candy for Tyrogue to Hitmontop, for example. Tyrogue is the first form of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, so possibly we could use those candy for a Tyrogue to Hitmontop evolution (both Gen 2).

pokemon go gen 2
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Time to save some candy for Pokemon GO Gen 2

We wonder if, to promote the new games, gen 2 does get released around the end of the year. They’ll tie in Sun and Moon with the evolutions. So you can get Espeon who evolves during the day if you name your Eevee “Sun” and you can get Umbreon who evolves at night if you name it “Moon”.

We also feel like they should add trade evolutions. That would make a lot of the rare Pokémon easier to get like alakazam, macham etc. It would also fix split evolutions to make it less random somehow like Tyrogue and new Eevee evolutions. This is only speculation, but it might be possible that the two new Eeveelutions occur when you have an Eevee as your buddy Pokemon. It would make sense, because they need a high friendship level in the games to evolve into those forms, and it would be interesting to see how it works.

Eevee has a chance of 33 % of become one of vaeporion, flerion, joltieon. If the new one’s come there will be a 20% of getting the new types of eevee. A lot of players have been catching and letting their candies stock up. That’s a reasonable thing to do especially when you have played Pokemon for the past 20 years. So, you kind of know what to expect when devs have plans to release specific generations. Hence the reason why Iplayers should have enough candies to get an evolution out of all Pokemon that evolve from first gen to second.

Let us know your thoughts on the Pokemon GO Gen 2.