We have some really exciting news for Pokemon GO fans out there. This is regarding the inclusion of Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon Release Date and how other generations will be added to the game in the future. We’ll talk about other brand new features as well. With the game’s Halloween Update out recently, there’s been a lot of news being overlooked. Some of it is confirmed while the rest is speculation. We’ll talk about all of it here.

pokemon go gen 2 pokemon release date
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Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon Release Date leaked and more

Niantic have confirmed that they plan to update Pokemon GO every two weeks. The updates could include small things such as bug fixes or big things like adding in a trading system. Recently, someone claimed to meet a member of Niantic and he was told a few things that are yet to be announced.

It’s speculated that the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon Release Date, which is the Johto Pokemon from Gold and Silver, is set for some time in December. This makes sense because adding a new generation every six months keeps the game fresh. However, adding all the new Pokemon at once ruins the pace of the game so Niantic need to be careful regarding that. This is a game with huge longevity and not like the Nintendo console titles which get replaced after a year or so.

So if these rumors are correct, we might get the third generation in summer time next year. Another interesting thing is that the more people are playing the game in an area the better are your chances for seeing cool stuff. So, if you play the game in big groups, you’ll find rarer Pokemon more frequently. So, next time you want to go and play the game, it is advisable to do it with a group of friends.


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