A new data mine of Pokémon Go has discovered 100 new Pokémon are now referenced in the game’s code. It looks like Gen 2 Pokémon are eventually on their way. Time to stock up on Zubat Candies so you can get a Crobat. Technically, the best starter to choose is Cyndaquil, mostly because the first Johto gym is flying and there’s a bunch of good water type pokémon. But in Pokemon go, there’s really no best starter to choose. Here are some of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 monsters that are confirmed.

pokemon go gen 2
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Pokemon GO Gen 2 confirmed through data mining

While it may seem Ditto is now in the game, the GAME_MASTER file does not currently include the recently added move TRANSFORM in Ditto’s movesets. Currently, the only move Ditto knows is: STRUGGLE. It is possible that TRANSFORM may never officially become a Ditto ‘move’ so to speak, but will instead simply be an ‘occurrence’ that happens every time Ditto enters combat. Notably, however, the TRANSFORM animation sequence was not only added as an animation sequence but as a ‘move’ in the movelist in the APK code.

Pokemon GO is definitely better now than when it was first released. People just need to be patient with the updates. Before they add Gen 2, they should keep fixing minor bugs and make Pokemon frequent in more quiet places.

Also, we think legendaries should only show up in your game if you have already captured 75% percent of the monsters from their region. At least for the gen 1 legendaries. We feel like catching them all in Pokémon go will be near impossible once all the regions come out. If you thought, seeing pidgeys was bad, just wait until it is all sentret, spinark, and hoothoot, plus pidgey, ratatta, and weedle. We’re honestly fine with just sticking with gen 1 but we understand the game would get boring pretty quick so Pokemon GO Gen 2 seems like the next logical step.


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