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It appears Pokémon GO would be the first reality game to run on the Nintendo NX. A new trailer that celebrates Pokémon (pocket monsters) appears to give a few insights on the game which is due for release later this year.

pokemon go release date

In the trailer, which appears to be a part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, a group of individuals are spotted trying out each other’s confidence and becoming triumphant in whatever they chose to do. The scene ends with a man in a huge stadium challenging a Pokémon trainer.

The ad which was created by Super Bowl is not wanting in creativity and depth which has for long become the tradition of Super Bowl. The Super Bowl TV spot is a good way of bringing Pokémon to the front burner in a year that already parades interesting titles due for release.

Pokémon GO is looking to parade the first generation of Pocket Monsters, though it is not clear if this will be the only generation available during launch. The Super Bowl advert beside making a publicity for Pokémon GO also gives a hint to the possibility that Nintendo and Niantic (the developers) are creating a global tournament set in amazing arenas.

Pokken Tournament, a Pokémon fighting game, is expected on Wii U later this year. Meanwhile, Nintendo is not slowing down on perfecting its NX Console, and a trusted source has it that this could see the console been launched in two parts, including a standalone-style controller device that is due to arrive in November and a full home console in 2017. Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan has joined other speculators to say that an AR element could be included in the NX setup.

If the AR part pulls through, it will make it the first AR title from Nintendo to be released this year to be played on certain iOS and Android devices. This move, Dr. Serkan Toto, a games industry consultant, predicts will open the possibility of more titles getting a real-world touch.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic says he would like to see the new platform develop faster. According to MCS, Nintendo may see games running on both mobile and NX devices. The company has also confirmed a device to tag alongside the AR game, called Pokémon GO Plus. This device will be able to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and notify players about game and events, such as Pokémon appearances, using vibration and LED. It is now up to the player to decide what to do when the notification comes.


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