Pokemon Go developer Niantic is about to launch the new Summer Solstice event Fire and Ice during the E3 time. The developer has recently revealed the Fire and Ice event release time and according to new figures, the Fire and Ice event will be started on June 13th at 4 pm in the USA and 9 pm in the UK.

With the start of the new Fire and Ice event, it is also expected that the fans will be treated to some new Shiny Pokemon as well. However, this is just a speculation and the developer hasn’t said anything about the Legendary Pokemon in the time of Fire and Ice event.

The developer has also revealed the ed time for the Fire and Ice event. And according to Niantic, the Fir and Ice event will end on June 20 at the same time it’s going to start. So as the disclosed times, the event will end on June 20 at 4 pm in the US and 9 pm in the UK.

In addition, it was also revealed by the developer that during the Fire and Ice event, the number of Fire and Ice type Pokemon will be increased and the fans will see them in huge numbers. According to Niantic, during the Fire and Ice event, Pokemon such as Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour, Pontya, Swinub, Vulpix, and their further evolutions will be available to capture in vast quantities.

Furthermore, more Fire and Ice-type Pokemon such as Sneasel, Magmer, Cloyster will also be available to capture. This leads to the speculation that in the latest Fire and Ice type event, the fans will be treated to a new shiny Pokemon as well.

Additionally, all the Pokemon Go fans will be able to receive XP bonuses for throwing the Pokeballs accurately as well. The Lucky Eggs will also remain at discounted prices throughout the event. Fans will be able to earn more XP by simply hatching the eggs.

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It is also rumored that the new Fire and Ice type event will be followed bu a major update that will bring in the group-based gameplay features, Raids, and a legendary Pokemon. Hopefully, fans will be treated to all the things rumored about the new Fir and Ice event soon. It’ll definitely make the game more interesting and engaging at the same time.