Pokémon GO, under development at Niantic, in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, will undergo a field test in Japan this month, according to reports. The field test will begin late this month, according to the sign up information on the official Japanese website.

pokemon go release date

The field test will work on Android and iOS devices: version 4.3 or higher for Android devices, and iPhone 5 or newer for iOS devices. The entry form curiously states that there is still “no guarantee” the game will run on those devices. Field test gonna field test, I guess.

While Pokémon GO does not have an official release date yet, it is expected to release later this year on the same platforms as the field test: iOS and Android. We do know that the game will roll out in at least two phases: the first phase consisting of the Japan, North America and Europe regions and the second phase consisting of South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle-East. There is currently no word on the game’s roll out in Australia and New Zealand.

There was going to be a presentation on the game at GDC which begins right tomorrow, but it ended up cancelled. No reason for the cancellation was given, leaving room for speculation.

Are you in Japan? Will you be participating in the field test? Let us know in the comments below.


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