After several months of anticipation, Pokémon GO has finally been released a week ago. It is officially available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store in a few countries, while people in other countries can get the game using Pokemon GO APK Download. Thankfully, you don’t have to go into the game blind. The game’s extensive field tests conducted across several countries mean that we have a fairly good idea of how to play the game – and how to get good at it. Here’s how to level up fast in Pokemon GO.

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According to YouTuber Pokemon Go Gameplay (via Mobile & Apps), your Pokémon have ‘CP’ instead of levels, which stands for Combat Points. To level up your Pokémon, you need to level up your trainer, which means that getting XP is absolutely vital. The YouTuber suggests not attempting gyms until you are at least level 5. Instead, the fastest way to catch Pokémon, according to him, is to catch Pokémon – as many as you can, wherever you can.

In the video below, he goes through the raw numbers of how much XP you can stand to earn by catching every Pokémon you see, and you’ll find that he also recommends evolving Pokémon as much as possible and using PokéStops to get eggs, which, when hatched, can reward you with XP as well. He also gives out battle advice for earning XP in gyms, such as using a Pokémon that is x3 CP compared to the Pokémon you are battling.

Also, if you want to know how to level up your Pokemon quickly in Pokémon GO, it’s actually a very simple mechanism. Just go to the data of your Pokemon and you will see a “Candy” gauge and a “Stardust” gauge. To level up, you need to pay attention to the Stardust gauge and fill it up. That can be done by catching more and more Pokemon. After the gauge is full, you can level up the Pokemon by tapping the Power Up option.

Another great way of leveling up faster in Pokemon GO is to use Lucky Eggs. Save your Candies for later and combine it with Lucky Eggs to get more and more XPs and level up quickly. It means that do not use Candies to evolve first. Use a Lucky Egg that will double your XPs for 30 minutes, and then start evolving your Pokemon by using Candies. You will earn tons and tons of XPs that way,

Are you playing Pokémon GO right now? Let us know in the comments below. Check out this if you are not able to install or Pokemon GO not working on your device


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