The Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update has brought a lot of changes to the game. One of those recently brought changes is the Egg Hatching Rate.

Egg hatching is an important aspect of the game since the very beginning. Players can have all the eggs they want from the Pokestops. After that, they can put them into incubators where they can hatch with respect to the walking you do in the game. There are different types of Eggs in Pokemon Go and each one of them requires a different walking distance to hatch. The easiest of them all to hatch takes about 2-Kilometers of distance but it never helps with acquiring the rare treasures.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update changes the Egg hatching rate, leaves the basic process intact

The new update has never changed the basic Egg hatching process. This means that the players still have to walk in order to hatch the eggs. However, the egg hatching rate is changed because of this latest update. This rate applies on all the egg tiers.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 update: Egg hatching Rarity Chart

In order to know about how easy or hard it is to hatch certain types of eggs after the gen 2 update, a Reddit user has recently released a Chart. This chart is known as the Egg Hatching Rarity Chart. This particular chart serves as a cautious guide for the egg hatching rarity. This helps trainers determine what rate an egg hatches on various walking distances.

This very comprehensive chart aims as offering a whole bunch of details, but for the sake of this article, we’ll only go into the highlights only.

For the 2 Kilometer Eggs, the most rare Pokemon to hatch are Remoraid and Misdrevus. Remoraid has a 1.74 percent chance of hatching and Misdrevus has a chance of 0.87 percent. So the players will have to walk about 2 to get a hold on this Pokemon go rarities.

For 5 Kilometer Eggs, you’ll find the best rare Pokemon are Yanma, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Wobbuffet, and Shuckle. All these Pokemon have a chance of hatching about 0.62 percent. The players will have to walk for 5 kilometers if they want this Pokemon to hatch.

The 10-kilometer Eggs pose a challenging routine for hatching process. The challenge is to know that how much the players will have to walk in order to hatch a certain Pokemon. In this particular case, the rarity jumps up to a few points in overall percentage. The rarest Pokemon to hatch in 10 Kilometer hatch are Miltank and Skarmory. Both of these rare Pokemon have a 2.57percent chance of hatching. However, The other rare Pokemon such as Mareep and Sudowoodo offers a 5.13 percent chance of hatching.

NonHatchable Pokemon after Gen 2

With a variety of hatchable Pokemon, there are some Non-hatchable Pokemon in the game as well. As the Rarity Chart reveals, the Pokemon such as Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquill are the Pokemon that are not hatchable in the game after the Gen 2 changes. There are 13 other non-hatchable Pokemon in the game as well. You’ll see these Pokemon in Johto region of the game world. Some of the Gen 1 update Pokemon that were previously hatchable, are now not hatchable at all.

Hopefully, all of this info will help you to a great extent and you’ll be able to tell which Pokemon is hatchable on what distance. If you find this Rarity Chart helpful, do let us know about it via the comments.


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