Pokemon Go Easter Event is going to end tonight. Fans have only a few hours to hatch some special Pokemon and to grab the double XP.

The Pokemon Go Easter Eggstravaganza event will be ending today at 4 pm in North America and 9 pm in the UK. So hurry up if you still want to earn the Double XP and hatch some 2Km Pokemon. After the event is ended, players will be able to hatch the monsters that are not usually obtainable from 2Km eggs.

So, it’s your last chance to receive some Double XP and other additional rewards such as a Candy for every new egg hatched. Lucky eggs are also available at the discount price. They are selling at 50 percent discount until the event ends. Following are the new prices for the Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Go.

  • 1 Lucky Egg – 40 Coins
  • 8 Lucky Eggs – 250 Coins
  • 25 Lucky Eggs – 25 Coins

Furthermore, Pokemon Go creator Niantic has plans to launch another major update for the game. This update will most probably be hitting the devices after the Easter Event. In addition, Niantic is also planning for a big summer event in the month of July. According to Yoshiji Kawashima who is Niantic’s General Manager for Asia, the release date for the upcoming Legendary Pokemon is a secret. But Kawashima also revealed that some new features will be implemented in the game.

As part of the possible new features, the new Raids system will be introduced in the game. And according to some reports, a new Legendary Pokemon will be accompanying the new Raids system. As promoted in an early leaked Pokemon Go material, it is highly likely that the new Raid system will be implemented in the game with next big update after the Easter Event. And the possible new legendary Pokemon could be anyone of the three, Zapdos, Articuno, or Moltres.


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