Pokemon GO has been the most searched term ever since from its release last week. The game has already taken the popular dating app Tinder, the social network app Twitter, popular game Candy Crush Saga in the US, in terms of active users. And, apparently, Niantic started the rollout of the game to other countries such as UK, Germany, and followed by all European countries. The game has a huge positive response ever from its release and it even got some negative shade too.

pikachu in pokemon go

In the Pokemon GO, users need to travel to different locations to catch the Pokemon in the Pokeball. That said, with the players keeping only in the mind of catching Pokemon, they are ignoring the troubles which Pokemon GO bring on to them. Players are ultimately driven into locations where some non-players are already ready to rob them. This incident took place in O’Fallon, Missouri, however, Police was quickly onto the incident and released a press note to warn all the people.

In the initial release, Pokemon GO was released to the US, Australia, and NewZealand. After the launch in Australia, people all over the country were excited about the game and a huge number to players converged at a place in Sydney, where many PokeStops and Pokeballs are available. This is a normal thing, but the residents over that particular location called up the Police which ultimately led to water bomb the players. The players did not silently play the game, rather they shouted and disturbed many residents over the location, which made them call the Police.

The most important place in the Pokemon GO is the Gym. A Gym will be randomly chosen by the game servers and some of the Gyms in the US were the Pentagon and the White House. In these places, there is no allowance for other people and the players just ignored that and broke into the palace. The Police authorities from the US released a warning note saying that all the players not to trespass at this kind of places.

There are some other weird incidents as well. A user on Reddit stated that his car was seen drawn a name of a particular team in the Pokemon GO, which made him angry all the day. This is a normal incident, but the person who owns the car will need to take the loss.


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