Pokémon GO at Night: Catch Gastly and Clefairy at Night, But Be Careful

Pokémon GO is finally out, and you can finally catch Pokémon anywhere in the real world. You can catch Pokémon according to the time of the day as well. Polygon confirms that you can catch Clefairy and Gastly at night. We already have a video of a Gastly being caught at night, from back when the game was still undergoing field tests in limited countries. Now that the game is out, however, you can get the APK for Android for absolutely free, or download the game on iOS.


The video, which comes from a player with the pristine name of “ObamasArsehole” shows the player encountering a Gastly Pokémon at night. To do so, the player had to enable AR mode, and turn on his phone’s flashlight. Once found, catching the Gastly wasn’t much of a problem, as the video indicates.

Interesting as this is from a design perspective, this might also set a dangerous precedent. Wandering about at night is not safe in many parts of the world, and Pokémon GO is a game that seems to focus on capturing Pokémon above all activities. To level up that Gastly, for instance, the player would have to catch numerous other Gastlys to gather Evolution stones. Does Niantic really expect users to brave dangerous city streets in the dead of the night to catch Pokémon?

Unfortunately, the player, ObamasArsehole, got banned from the game for releasing the footage online (during the beta, it was against the agreement to release any kind of information about the game). His efforts are appreciated by both the Reddit community dedicated to the game, as well as us.

There’s plenty of other trouble you can get into by playing Pokémon GO at night. For instance, one man looking for Pokémon at night ended up getting into a mix-up with the local police who thought he was attempting a drug deal (via The Telegraph). Of course, it’s a good thing that the matter wasn’t serious, and the police officer even ended up downloading the game himself.

Apart from that, you could get too involved in the game to stop paying attention on the road, ultimately stumbling and falling to hurt yourself. So if you’re going to head out hunting Onyxes, Gastlys, Clefairys and what nots in the dar….k, be careful above all else. Make sure you know where you are going and try to avoid unknown or secluded places at night. Be safe and enjoy!

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  • Balbasaur

    It doesn’t get dark around here until 8:30+. Please specify what time is supposed to be “night.”

  • SNS77

    Just had a gastly in broad daylight (first I’d seen)… and the game froze, causing me to lose it. Been a HUGE issue in three days I’ve been playing. Must have been 7th or 8th time it’s happened at the very least.

  • Josh Disher

    I just caught one sitting in my basement at 430pm. 2 regular balls… Snagged.

  • Joleene Naylor

    I’ve cuaght ghastlies in the daytime – my brother and I primarily go at night (midnight – 3 am) and it’s pidgies, drowsees, weedles, rattatas, etc just like in the daytime as far as I can tell.

  • MorganMJ

    Just caught a Clefairy at 9 am. 2 regular balls. Sitting on my couch.

  • Ximplify It

    I have same experiences with other users here. Gastly is neither that uncommon or difficult to catch, just hurl the ball as usual and it will be caught. I caught 2 Gastly, both while walking, around 6pm. But for Zubat, I caught one at 6am, the other at 9pm, one in my home, the other on the street. I suppose it is really area specific too.

  • Kross Theriot

    You can catch both pokemon during the day. I’ve done it.