In a recent interview, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic has already expressed that the augmented-reality game, Pokemon Go is heading over to augmented reality devices such as Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass. Now, a recent rumour states that the game is apparently coming over to the Google’s cheap product, the Google Cardboard.

You can see this news by heading over to game’s settings menu and then the licensing menu which clearly states about the Google Cardboard. You can see the image below to get a more clear idea about this.


It is worth noticing that the Pokemon Go always requires your camera to be turned on because it is an augmented-reality game. That said, using Google Cardboard or any Virtual Reality accessory with Pokemon Go is an interesting option, but it requires additional accessories to throw the Pokeballs to catch the Pokemon. This can be apparently done by the Pokemon Go Plus accessory which was released in some markets for $34.99. With the help of Pokemon Go Plus, you need to always open your phone to catch the Pokemon. Whenever a Pokemon is nearby, the Pokemon Go Plus lights up and user needs to press the button to throw the Pokeball. However, you cannot catch a new Pokemon with the accessory, it is only limited to catch the already existing Pokemon in your Pokedex.

Furthermore, there are no VR’s which just allow the camera to sneak through. We believe that this idea is slightly a ludicrous one because already many people who are playing the game met with some accidents. Do let us know what you are thinking about the VR Edition of Pokemon Go in comments below.


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