Today we’re going over all the latest Pokemon GO Christmas Update news. This includes speculation regarding changes to egg Pokémon distances, and a recent change in spawns and nests.

pokemon go christmas update
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What should we expect from the Pokemon GO Christmas Update?

Balance of this game is another issue that should be fixed. Eevee is especially broken since Vaporeon is an MBT of this game. Too bad that really badass Pokemon like Gyarados or Blastoise are not that important compared to Vapo. But we’re not expecting too much. Eevee buddy distance should be set as 3km, just like other mons from 5km eggs. We don’t feel like Pidgey or Ratata could have 100km buddy distance just because they’re everywhere and it’s a waste of the buddy system.

Also, we’d move Jigglypuff and/or Clefairy to 5km instead. They don’t seem to be super common anywhere, but more here and there, like a lot of 5km Pokemon. And now they only have like a 3% chance to drop from 2km eggs anyway, so it’s not like the odds are in your favor.

They need ways for us to earn COINS. Sorry, there’s players who have no chance in gyms (10 coins for that is embarrassing) and can’t afford to buy coins. The game has items which are essential to play like incubators and larger pokedex. EVERY freemium game gives ways to earn in game currency except this one. Screw the stardust because we have plenty. We NEED coin rewards. It would be nice if pokestops dropped a 5 pokecoin every once in a while. Even 1 pokecoin would be nice.

Aside from all that there is another shuffling of Pokemon GO nests. You can refer to the Silph Road map to find Pokemon nests near you. Other than that, let us know your thoughts on the Pokemon GO Christmas Update.


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