As soon as Pokemon GO goes official, the users have started searching Pokemon GO Cheats over the internet for finding the cheats to increase the coins, Eggs, and Pokeballs without walking. So, this is our guide on the Pokemon GO Cheats, tips, and tricks that are currently available over the internet.

pikachu in pokemon go

How to Find Rare Pokemon

There are some legendary Pokemon available in the Pokemon GO such as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, MewTwo, Mew, etc which can be very hard to find. In the Pokemon GO, these legendary Pokemon are indeed part of the game and can be found by regularly playing the game. Every user needs to keep on playing the game to find these Pokemon. You can also read our article on the Ten Rare Pokemon hardest to Catch.

These Pokemon were found by some of the players who has reached Level 5 and they were invited to join the Legendary Pokemon team, apparently, the team was Instinct (Yellow), Team Valor (Red), and Team Mystic (Blue). Another source from YouTube (via TheBitBag) said that the legendary Pokemon will rather appear in public events when compared to other Pokemon which appears randomly. They concluded the same by tearing down the APK.

How to Get Free Coins

Coins are the part of Pokemon GO which are used to purchase items in the game. The items can be Pokeballs, Potions, Incubators, etc. Having said that, a user can purchase more coins with their real money, however, there is a way to earn Free Coins.

After reaching the level 5, a user needs to claim a Gym and assign a Pokemon to safeguard it. That said if your Pokemon successfully defends the attacks on the claimed Gym, you will get a ‘Defender Tag’ which is equal 10 coins. For example, if you safeguard five Gyms which are nearby your location, you will earn 50 Free Coins per day. If you defend more Gyms, you can earn more coins per day.

How to Earn More Pokeballs

This must be the easiest way to earn Pokeballs. The trick is to spoof your GPS location and run the game. The game detects as you are really walking towards the POKESTOP and allows you to spin the wheel at the stop, which ultimately earns you more coins. Follow the below steps carefully to Earn More Pokeballs. Make a note that this trick is exclusively only for Android users.

1. Firstly, install an application called Fake GPS Location from the Google Play Store.

2. Before opening the application, you need to enable Mock Locations on your device. To do that, head over to Settings> Developer Settings> Allow Mock Locations (tick it). [Note: If you can’t find Developer Settings under Settings, head over to About Phone and tap the build number seven times to enable the developer settings]

3. Now, Open the Fake GPS application and select the location same as your next Pokestop.

4. Just open the game normally and you can see that your location now shows as the one which you select in Fake GPS application. Repeat the above steps to Earn More Pokeballs.

Things to Remember

With the above steps, you can easily earn more coins and Pokeballs. But, do make a note that Niantic has some set of rules for violating their terms and conditions. There are huge chances of your trainer account blocking, so please follow all the cheats only if you need them. That said if you find any other cheats apart from the ones in this guide, let us know by commenting below.

Disclaimer: MobiPicker and its authors are not responsible for the ban of account or any other losses due to the use of cheats in the game.


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