Pokemon Go is currently the most played video game on mobiles. The game allows players to catch their favorite Pokemon, which are scattered all over the world. However, players have to visit various real life locations in order to catch one. Its kind of cool considering the fact that it relates to virtual reality, but is playing Pokemon Go really safe?

As Pokemon Go is an augmented reality title, kids may explore some restricted areas with their attention completely towards their cell phones. This can lead into children visiting strange places and interacting with strangers. There are also numerous reports that a lot of Pokemon Go players got injured badly while playing the game. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that players aimlessly walk on the road while giving no attention to the coming cars.

Pokemon Go

Parents have to take some serious actions and understand the risk of Pokemon Go before it’s too late. Kids who are under 13 can get addicted to the game in such a manner that their mind might force them to buy in-game products, which may lead to them spending their savings or stealing money from their parent’s credit cards. The top persecutor Attorney General Hector Balderas from Mexico has explained why Pokemon Go is a risky game for children.

As for now, parents should create some new rules in their house to keep this thing in balance. However, some parents do encourage their child to play this game as they think it is a good thing that their child becomes more social by playing it with other players in real life.

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