Pokemon GO buddy system update has finally arrived. We recently did a piece where we alluded to the new feature when a data mining leak revealed hidden code. The data mining reveals were leaked to github. They showed a brand new feature. We expected this feature to be implemented soon in an upcoming update and we were right.

pokemon go buddy system update
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Pokemon GO Buddy System update will let you take your Pokemon for a walk

Pokemon GO buddy system update introduces new way to earn rewards in the game. Take your Pokemon for a walk and if you walk a certain amount of distance you will get rewards. These rewards include Candy for your Pokemon. There are other rewards not revealed by Niantic but they will be in future updates. The Pokemon will also appear beside you on your trainer avatar. Now how cool is that!

Another new feature is training for gym battles. The appraisal feature allows you to know how powerful your Pokemon is. Appraise any of your Pokemon and your gym leader will tell you how much defense or attack the Pokemon has. your Team Leader Candela, Blanche, or Spark will let you know which of Your Pokémon have the best attack and defense capabilities for potential upcoming battles.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Data mining revealed a lot of hidden features in the code including the new Pokemon GO buddy system update. It appears that you can take only one Pokemon for a walk at the moment. How that will work is yet to be seen. Furthermore, It’s definitely as fun as taking a dog for a walk as Pokemon won’t get distracted and will stay by your side all the time. Niantic hasn’t revealed whether you will be able to perform any actions on your Pokemon while it will be travelling by your side. We expect something along the line of Fetch and other mini games.

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