We’ll give you our opinion for the top 10 Pokemon to choose as Buddies in our Pokemon GO buddy system guide. There are three reasons you should be getting yourself a buddy Pokemon. Reason 1: To complete you Pokedex, if there’s a Pokemon really hard to find then obviously you need to use candy for the Pokemon you already have; that way it’ll be easier to evolve that Pokemon. Reason 2: The Pokemon you would want to be getting yourself again, if you already have a Dragonite, having another one won’t hurt you. Reason 3: Pokemon are strong in general and will get better as Buddy Pokemon. So here are the top 10 Pokemon we recommend as buddies in our Pokemon GO Buddy System guide.

pokemon go buddy system guide
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Pokemon GO Buddy System guide – The three starters Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur

We can’t recommend Pikachu because it’s evolution Raichu isn’t that strong. Its speed is almost non-existent. The starters, however, would do really well as Buddy Pokemon.


It’s evolution Arcanine has one of the best attack stats in the entire game. Arcanine can hold its own in gym battles and literally terminate the opposition in very few attacks.


The evolution of Dratini is Dragonite which is the highest CP Pokemon in the game.


It’s a great gym defender. Exeggutor is a grass type. If it has solar beam it’ll be terminating the Vaporeans easily.


Golem is a great Pokemon. Golem with a really good IV can provide tough opposition. Its Stonehenge attack is really powerful.

Snorlax and Lapras (Highly recommended)

These two really beastly Pokemon are the most recommended. Hopefully, we don’t have to explain why (they have the most devastating attacks in the game at the moment). These are the guardians of every single gym. They’re the Pokemon you are too annoyed to fight most of the time. So, we definitely recommend you make these two your buddy Pokemon. It’s really hard to get candy for them because you will only get one candy for three kilometers.


This one is super rare. If your house is close to a Grimer nest then you are definitely the luckiest person on the planet.


This one is also extremely rare but we recommend you catch it and make it a Buddy Pokemon. Ninetails has really good attack stats.


This Pokemon has a fleeing rate of 99%. That means if you throw a Pokeball and it breaks away, then it’ll flee 99 out of 100 times. That’s the only reason why very few people have it, cause of such a high flee rate.


Its evolution into Scissor brings a great Generation 2 Pokemon. So, you definitely want to save up some candy for that.

Let us know what you think of our top 10 Buddy Pokemon in this Pokemon GO Buddy System Guide.


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