The “Pokemon” games need no introduction, as they have been a major part of the lives of millions of people around the world. Not just children but adults too have termed this game as of one the most loved and popular all-time games. Not only has the game gained popularity on the internet, but it still has the power to attract attention of the people with any new developments. And for those for dream about Pokemon in the real world, well, the future is here.

pokemon go release date

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Z is being expected to be released in a few months. However, the latest rumors say that the games will take some time before being released for the public. And the release is not going to happen any time soon, as the beta testing of both the games needs to be finished in time before the game can be launched officially.

If a new speculation is to be believed, then the Pokemon Go will reach the end of its beta testing by mid-2016, which should be the ideal date for the final launch too. It was earlier being said that a February launch might be possible, but now it looks like we won’t get the game before June. You should note that Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green were the original launches in February 1996, and February 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the game.

So finally, when will Pokemon Go be released? Let’s guess a specific time-frame. Launch date for the Pokemon should be between April to June this year. While this is just a wild guess based on previous rumors and speculations, we would love the developers of the game to speed up things a bit.

Apart from the release date, a new speculation suggests that the new “Pokemon Go” game will get a new character. This new character will be none other than Zygrade. It is said to be a combination of Yvetal of “Pokemon Y” and Xerneas of “Pokemon X”. Only time will tell whether this news is true.

Pokemon go will set the bars higher than the previous games and will use latest technology for unmatched experience. It will be a virtual-augmented game, and users will have to physically go to real locations to collect accessories, fight and capture Pokemons, trade them, duel with others, etc.


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