Released last week, Pokemon GO has quickly become a global phenomenon and a massive hit among Pokemon fans. And even the non-Pokemon fans are now enjoying the game and applauding it, thanks to its augmented reality (AR) nature. In this AR game, users are needed to travel nearby areas in the real world around them to catch Pokemon with their smartphones. But the involvement of a game into your real life movement can be a hazard and can also turn out to be life-threatening!

Pokémon Go

A lot of accidents and deaths caused by playing Pokemon GO have already been reported after a few days of the game’s launch. CNNMoney reported that a 19-year-old girl named Shayla Wiggins found a dead body in the river in rural Wyoming while she was trying to find water Pokemon. She was scared and shaken, but she feels thankful to have found the body that may not have happened if it wasn’t for Pokemon GO. The dead body was a man who was victim to an accident.

In Long Island of New York, a 21-year-old boy named Mike Schultz wanted to look for Pokemon faster and hence chose to do so on his skateboard rather than on foot. However, with an intention to stop quickly to catch nearby Pokemon, his hand hit a large crack on the sidewalk and resulted in a cut. Similarly, Kyire Tompkins, 22, of Waterville, Maine got her ankle twister after falling on the sidewalk while searching for Pokemon.

Apart from the aforementioned Pokemon GO accidents, it has been reported that the game led unsuspecting users into armed robberies in Missouri. The suspects played Pokemon GO and used game tactics to lure other players into arriving at a certain location. Once a player was there, they would get robbed at gunpoint. Who knew robbers could be so smart and an augmented reality game could land you into a serious trouble!

Well, Pokemon GO is just a game, but it’s an augmented reality game and not a regular one. It progress due to you going around your town or city in search for Pokemon, PokeStops, or Gyms. So if you are playing this game, keep your eye out for possible mishaps. Do not walk on streets blindly looking at the phone and do not go to secluded locations especially at night. Remain safe!


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