Released over a week ago, Pokemon GO received a new update yesterday that resolved some bugs and issues in the new AR game (augmented reality game). Fans have been playing the game like crazy, and Pokemon GO is currently the biggest trend on the internet right now.

Everyone’s talking about it, but there are a lot of things in the game that you probably don’t know about. The game leaves a lot of things unexplained, and you won’t even know some of them exist unless we point them out. So without any further suspense, let’s talk about those 18 important things in Pokemon GO you should know about.

Pokémon GO

Name Your Pokemon

To give your Pokemon a name of your choice, click on a Pokemon and go to its stat page. Now tap the grey pencil icon on the right side of the Pokemon’s name to edit it.

Important Features Missing!

You cannot add friends, change username, change team, change avatar, or trade in Pokemon GO. Sorry, but that’s how it is right now. Maybe Niantic will introduce this feature later, as playing with friends is one of the most required features in this awesome game.

The PokeCoins System

PokeCoins are the in-game currency in Pokemon GO and can be earned by owning Gyms or can be bought using real world money. You can use PokeCoins to buy stuff from the Pokemon GO shop including collection bags, Modules, etc. For every Pokemon you have kept at a Gym owned by your team, you will earn 10 PokeCoins per day and a maximum of 100 per day.

pokemon go pokecoins real cost

Save Battery

It’s not a secret that Pokemon GO is a battery drainer. However, there are a lot of ways you can save battery while playing Pokemon GO. Just go to the Settings inside the game and activate the Battery Saver feature. This won’t help much, but it is at least something.

Pokemon Size and Weight

If you see an XL or XS symbol on the stat page of your Pokemon, know that they denote the weight or height of your Pokemon or how larger or smaller it is than the average Pokemon of that type. Of course, smaller Pokemon can be more powerful than larger ones sometimes.

Evolving Eevee

If you get an Eevee in Pokemon GO, you can surely evolve it. However, you won’t get to choose what the creature evolves into. You will either get a Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. It’s pure luck, no choice.

pokemon go eevee

Get Stardust

Pokemon GO does not explain how to get Stardust in the game. Well, here’s the secret- defend a Gym for a day and earn Stardust as a reward. You can also get Stardust by catching Pokemon.

Footprints = Distance

Tap the small box of Pokemon silhouettes in the bottom right corner of the screen and you will get to see nearby Pokemon with footprints below them. You can know the rough distance of that Pokemon from your location by reading the footprints. One or none footprint means you are right where the Pokemon is, while two means that the creature is just a little farther. Three means that you need to walk some more to get near the Pokemon. You can tap any of the Pokemon in the list and it will come out in the lower right corner of the screen so that you can easily keep a check on the distance.


You may have thought the rustling of the leaves in Pokemon GO is just meant for aesthetics. Well, the next time you see leaves rustling in the game, know that there may be a Pokemon nearby. If you walk near the rustling leaves, you will most likely encounter a creature, maybe a rare one that isn’t common to find around.

pokemon go

PokeStop Module Slot

Go to a PokeStop and then tap randomly on the screen until a Module slot comes up. You can place a Lure Module here to attract Pokemon for 30 minutes to the Stop. Of course, Niantic may release more Modules in the future to fit into this slot, but that’s just a guess.

Collect Gym Rewards

Do not forget to collect the Stardust and PokeCoins you earned so dearly. To get them, tap on the Poke Ball menu button and go to the Shop. See a circle in the top right corner? Tap it to collect your Gym rewards.

Special Attacks

During a battle, you can use a special attack to do more damage than the normal attack. You can use the special one when you have filled your special bar during combat. To fill the blue meter, keep using normal attacks. To use the special move once the meter is full, tap and hold on the screen.

pokemon go
Image Credits: idigitaltimes

Get Candy in Pokemon GO

You can find Candy at PokeStops for free, but that’s very rare. The more common ways of acquiring Candy in the game is to hatch Eggs, catch Pokemon, and transfer your Pokemon to Professor Willow. You can use Candy to power up and evolve Pokemon.

Dump Your Pokemon

If you have got too many of one type of Pokemon and don’t need them, you will just have to sacrifice them. You cannot carry all of the duplicate Pokemon around. Just go to their stat page and transfer them to Professor Willow, who will also give you a Candy in return.

Catch Pokemon at Home?

Yes, that’s easy. Just buy Incense from the shop and use it to attract Pokemon to your location. It works for 30 minutes, but do not expect rare Pokemon. Common Pokemon will come up every now and then.


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