Fans are having a great time playing Pokemon GO, roaming around their city. The game is simple enough to understand and play, but many people want to progress very quickly. A lot of users have been asking about the rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO and how to find them. If you are looking for those rare ones, we have prepared a complete list for you.

The unique Pokemon listed below are the rarest ones you will find in the game, only if you get lucky. From a flying Dragonite to a giant lazy Snorlax, your game isn’t complete without these creatures in your Pokeballs. So if you want to know the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO, just check out the list below.

1. Articuno

articuno pokemon go

One of Kanto’s legendary birds, Articuno stands at #144 in the Pokedex. It is a freeze Pokemon with a hidden ability “snow cloak”. Its egg group as of now is undiscovered.

2. Zapdos

zapdos pokemon go

This is the second legendary bird of Kanto at #145 on the Pokedex. Zapdos also comes from an undiscovered hatch group and has a static hidden ability. It is an electric flying Pokemon.

3. Moltres

moltres pokemon go

Being the third of Kanto’s legendary birds, Moltres is a fire Pokemon standing on #146 of the Pokedex. It has got a flame body.

4. Mewtwo

mewtwo pokemon go

Ranked on #150 in the Pokedex, Mewtwo is a psychic Pokemon and is very, very rare. It does not involve but ‘mega evolves’ into either Mega Mewtwo Y with Mewtwonite Y or Mega Mewtwo X with Mewtwonite X. This Pokemon can unnerve its opponent, and yes, it comes from an egg group that is still undiscovered.

5. Mew

mew pokemon go

Standing at #151 on the Pokedex, Mew is one of the psychic duo alongside Mewtwo and is one of the rarest mythical Pokemon. It can learn every hidden or technical machine and also most of the tutor moves. Mew doesn’t evolve.

6. Dragonair


When the Dratini dragon Pokemon reaches Level 30, it evolves into Dragonair. Sitting at #148 on Pokedex, this Pokemon can shed its skin and belongs to dragon and water 1 egg group.

7. Dragonite

dragonite pokemon go

Dragonair at Level 55 evolves into Dragonite and stands at #149. This pseudo-legendary Pokemon has got inner focus and can multiscale. It is from dragon and water 1 egg group.

8. Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl pokemon go

You can resurrect this fossil Pokemon from Old Amber. Aerodactyl sits at the #142 position on Pokedex and does not evolve. But it does mega evolve to Mega Aerodactyl after using Aerodactlite. It can pressure and unnerve its enemy. It is from the egg group flying and hatches between 7905 to 8159 steps for hatching.

9. Kabutops

kabutops pokemon go

Kabuto at Level 40 evolves into Kabuto when revived with a Dome Fossil. It is a dual rock and water fossil Pokemon and is seen on the Pokedex at #141. It has got a hidden ability alongside battle armour and swift swim. Belonging to water 1 and water 3 egg grouping, Kabutops takes 7905 and 8159 steps to hatch.

10. Snorlax

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This one is a normal Pokemon that evolves from a Munchlax if you attain a high friendship level. It is ranked at #143, and you can find wild Snorlax snoozing at odd places. You must catch this Pokemon by using Poke Flute to wake them up or setting Pokegear to the flute channel. Snorlax belongs to the monster egg group and has gluttony and immunity.

But how to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Where can you find them? We haven’t figured it out yet, but we are sure some player or the other will soon get their hands at one of these elusive creatures and will let us know how they caught it. We guess these Pokemon might appear after crossing a very high level in the game and after collecting loads of experience, but that’s just a guess.

In case you don’t know about it, a stampede was recently caused in Central Park, New York City due to a rare Pokemon. Apparently, a player shouted out that he had spotted a Vaporeon, an evolution of Eevee, in that area. Following this, a massive crowd of Pokemon GO players rushed there, some even jumping out of running cars. As you cannot choose which Pokemon Eevee will evolve into, it is a big deal to catch any of its evolution. Hopefully, no one was injured.

Have you been able to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Do you know more rare Pokemon that could be found in Pokemon GO? Comment below. Also, you can catch those rare creatures using the egg hatching method.

For those who are not aware, Pokemon GO for Android has received a new update version 0.29.2 and is now available for download in the form of APK.