We’ll show you how to hack the latest version of Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO 1.11.4 No JailBreak Hack will let you play the game without getting banned. The new update has added catch bonus and the ability to bring up to six Pokemon to gym battles. There are new egg and incubator screens and much more. This Pokemon GO 1.11.4 No Jail Break Hack will also work on later installments.

pokemon go 1.11.4 no jailbreak hack
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Pokemon GO 1.11.4 No JailBreak Hack

The best part is that you don’t need to jail break your device. You can use it on the iOS 10 or iOS 9, so long as it supports the original iteration of Pokemon GO. It also works on the latest iPhone 7 Plus. You’re going to need three things. Your device, a computer and the latest version of iTunes.

Go to PokemonGOHacks.me. Download the hack and Cydia Impactor. If you already have Pokemon GO then you’ll have to delete it and any previous hacked version of it. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer and open up the Impactor. Drag and drop the custom IPA. you downloaded from the hack site, onto the Impactor interface. It will immediately ask you for an Apple username and log in. The reason it does that is because it self signs the application. However, the bad thing about this is that you’re going to have to repeat this process of drag and drop onto the Impactor interface after each 7 days.

Now you will see the Pokemon GO 1.11.4 Hack on your iPhone. When you’ll try to access it’ll say “Untrusted Developer”. To bypass that, simply to go to your settings. Go to General. Next Device Management. Then tap where you see the Apple id you gave to Impostor. Tap on trust and now you can launch the application.

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