Pokémon artist and designer Eric Medalle died on Sunday in Seattle when a massive tree fell on his car, ending his life at 42. According to King 5 News, Medalle was driving with one of his two daughters near a park called the Lost Lake Trail when a windstorm knocked several trees over. One of those trees was the one that collapsed on Medalle’s car. Medalle’s nearly 2-year old daughter was rescued from the wreckage, and was sent to a hospital with minor injuries.

Eric Medalle

Eric Medalle has been working on the Pokémon series since 2003 as a designer and artist. Credits show that he has worked on English Version Artwork for a number of games, including Pokémon Black and White, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black and White 2 and Platinum. He also worked on Pokémon Conquest, Pokémon Rumble and Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon – Explorers of the Sky.

Most recently, Medalle was involved in Pokémon X and Y, listed under “English & European Graphic Design”. It is unclear whether he was involved in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon or Pokémon GO.

Medalle, who graduated from the University of Michigan, leaves behind another daughter, aged 6, and his wife, Carrie, a teacher. His friends have started a fundraiser to send his daughters to college.