In what is possibly the most impressive thing I’ve seen all week, someone has built an enormous Gameboy Advance in Minecraft that can be used to actually play Pokémon Fire Red (via Engadget). This is no joke: while the game isn’t a fully-fledged version, and you can’t play battles or see any text, this is the real deal right there: a Pokémon game being rendered and played within the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Pokémon

You’d think that this was made possible thanks to mods, but there are no mods involved, just a regular old installation of Minecraft 1.10. Apparently, this was made possible thanks to the addition of structure blocks in a recent version of Minecraft. In a video that shows off the creation, we see just what the entire back-end structure of this device looks like. I don’t understand a damn part of it, but it is awfully impressive engineering, at least to me.

The game-in-a-game will “always be in progress”, so who knows what features we might see in the future. Perhaps an integration with Twitch, so that we can play Twitch Plays Minecraft Plays Pokémon? That would certainly be trippy. You can download this world save for yourself over here. If you’d rather sit back and watch, have a look below.

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