One of the biggest benefits of playing Pokemon GO is that you get to walk around, which keeps you fit and active. But the app itself does not tell you the exact distance you have walked or the calories you have burned. Thankfully, a new app called PokeFit offers those features.

PokeFit for Pokemon GO APK download tracks your Pokemon GO sessions and measures the distance walked, playing time, an amount of calories burned, and more. PokeFit APK also improves the battery life and shows you the data usage and battery drain info. After you download PokeFit and install it, you’ll see a small overlay inside Pokemon GO. You can also open the pokeFit app for viewing all the tracked stats.

pokefit apk download
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If you want to track the number of steps walked, calories burned, and other such stats that will help you keep a track of your fitness while playing Pokemon GO, then PokeFit download is the best app for you. The latest version 1.0.1 weighs only 2.56 MB and works on Android 4.1+ devices. You can download PokeFit for Pokemon GO latest version for Android from the Google Play Store. To download PokeFit APK, go to or any other mirror site.


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