Wouldn’t it be great if you are playing Pokemon GO and can keep your phone in your pocket while still getting notifications for nearby Pokemon? Well, the official Pokemon GO app does not offer this feature, but another app called PokeDetector does bring this option to the game. Whenever any Pokemon is near you within catching range, your phone notifies you instantly even if it’s in your pocket.

pokedetector for pokemon go

PokeDetector APK also works with Android Wear device if you have connected one to your smartphone. You can view the nearby Pokemon on the map. You can set customized options for receiving notifications for only specific items You can also customize the time interval after which the PokeDetector for Pokemon GO app scans nearby areas for Pokemon.

The latest PokeDetector APK download file for Android is at version 1.2.0 The PokeDetector 1.2.0 APK download weighs 10.1MB and works with devices running on Android 4.1 or later. The official changelog for the latest update says –

-Display number of Pokemon found within 3 steps
-Added code to update without the Play Store
-Added PayPal for In-App Purchases

For free PokeDetector APK download, you can visit apkpolice.com or apkmirror.com.

If you are seeking help and information on the various weaknesses and strengths of different Pokemon, tips on how to defeat opponents, etc., you may want to check Go helper for Pokemon GO. For those who are not aware, Pokevision to locate real-time location of Pokemon has been shut off, so if you are looking for the Pokevision alternative, you may want to try Pokemap Live.


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