The Play Store houses some of the most popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, etc. And then there are some apps like Telegram who have their own fan-following due to their awesome and unique features. However, just like there’s the more awesome WhatsApp Plus, the Play Store also offers you the Plus Messenger, which is an alternative to the Telegram app and is highly popular.

plus messenger for android

The Plus Messenger brings some more features to the Telegram app. It offers customization abilities, so you can create your own themes by changing the sizes and colors of icons, headers, texts, etc. You can even save and share those themes with others. Preset themes can also be downloaded. The app is translated to many languages. And along with a lot of other features, it gets all the Telegram app’s benefits.

If you use the Plus Messenger app for Android, you will be happy to know that a new update has been released for it. The new Plus Messenger APK is 19.63 MB in size and works on Android 2.3 and above. It brings bug fixes and a couple of new changes. Download/upload progress has been added to files and media. Also, all the tabs now get ‘Sort by unread’ option.

You can download Plus Messenger APK free from the Play Store or