We will show you how you can setup your PSVR in this PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial. There are two main steps. First you need to connect the processor unit to your PS4. And finally, you have to connect your PSVR headset to your processor unit. Let’s jump right in.

playstation vr setup tutorial
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PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial – Follow these steps

Start by unplugging the HDMI that’s currently connecting your PS4 to your TV. Plug it into the processor unit. Then, connect your PS4 camera to the PS4. Take the HDMI cable that comes inside the PSVR box. It should be labeled number 1. Use it to connect your PS4 to the processor unit. Then, take the USB cable labeled 2, and use that to connect your PS4 to the processor unit as you did before with 1.

Next, find the A/C Power Adapter unit for the processor unit, labeled 3, and connect it with the A/C power chord. Put them up in the processor unit and then plug the power chord into a socket. Now, we’re ready to connect the headset itself.

Slide back the connection cover on the processor unit. Then plug in the headset connection cable labeled 4. There are two connections here, make sure you match the symbols. Now, plug the VR headset, labeled 5, into the VR connection cable at the other end. You can also plug in the headphones into the in-line remote or whatever headphones you’re used to.

Now, just turn everything on. Power up your TV first. Then, your PS4. And finally press the power button on the in-line remote on the VR headset. If everything is connected correctly, the LEDs on the headset will flash blue and you’re ready to calibrate the unit using the on-screen instructions.

Special thanks to PlayStation Access for putting up the PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial in video form. You can check that out as well.