2016 has been an exciting year for gaming and an exceptional year for VR. It jumped from a concept in our imagination to something that can finally be experienced. Also, it now more accessible than ever, as you get to enjoy it in the comfort of your living room. So, what do fans of VR have to look forward to now that the PlayStation VR has finally launched? Well, here’s a complete line-up for all the games that will be arriving soon.

playstation vr
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PlayStation VR games line-up – 100 Foot Robot Golf

When it comes to user interface play style, sports games will always have a firm place in our hearts. Especially those revolving around colossal machines demolishing everything in sight. So, where’s the golf part? Well, you can definitely play golf and not care about the rest but what’s the fun of being a giant robot in a helpless city if you can’t wreck it.

Batman Arkham VR

Very few things in games aspire to the sheer awesomeness of taking control of the Batman. Donning a suit to patrol the murky streets of Gotham in a more close-up and personal way is definitely an experience worth having. If you enjoyed the action and fast-pace of previous Arkham games, you will most probably love this one as well.

Drive Club VR

Any good racing game props itself up on its high octane fast-paced gameplay. The game sees us shredding through the streets at a roaring pace. Drive Club VR will put us directly in the drivers seat for a racing action far more personal than we’ve ever played.


It will debut with the specialized PlayStation VR aim controller. The game pushes a shooter experience more immersive than anything we’ve seen before. Travel to a far-off alien world which will squeeze the most out of the PlayStation VR. An imaginative landscape and terrifying creatures wait for your arrival.

Loading Human

It’s an episodic science fiction game which hauls us in the highly advanced 22nd century. Ties between man and machine will be explored while providing an incredibly engaging experience that hinges on raw emotion.

The Playroom VR

It’s the PlayStation VR approachable and accessible VR title. Before we dive into the carnage and mayhem of other, more advanced, titles, this game allows us to get a hang of the whole system in a fun and enjoyable way.

PlayStation VR Worlds

It’s similar to the Playroom but with the stakes kicked up a notch. There is a wide selection of humorous and enjoyable mini games.

Rez Infinite

It’s a psychedelic rail shooter that is a remastered version of the previous game. If you thought the Dreamcast original was strikingly bright then just wait before you strap on a headset to play this one.

Rigs Mechanized Combat

If you think playing golf in the metropolis as a giant robot was pretty cool, then wait till you get your hands on this. It’s a simple yet fun game of mechs ripping through one another for glory.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties

The original ROTTR was amazing and this one aims to set the bar even higher. Game will bring gaming’s biggest icon into the new generation complete with the immersive virtual reality experience.

Robinson The Journey

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Crash landing on an exotic alien planet you have two options. Stay put and wait for rescue or venture forth to explore the strange new world. Like any good pioneer, we’ll be opting for the latter. A thirst of adventure and a handy robot to guide us through the alien lands will make the experience worth having.

Other titles

Super Hyper Cube, Super Star Dust VR, The Brookhaven Experiment, Thumper, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, World War Toons.

Let us know what you think of the PlayStation VR line-up for this year.