Sony has reported something beginning from February 21st, 2017 until February 28th, 2017. You can procure $15 once more from buys made on the PlayStation Store between that time. You should simply burn through $100 on the store. With the huge discharges as of now and consistent deals, it shouldn’t be excessively intense, making it impossible to burn through $100 for the advancement to get a free $15. The $15 will be sent by March fourteenth, 2017.

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store Promotion Announced For Horizon Zero Dawn’s Release

There is an advancement from Tuesday, February 21 at 12:01 am PT/3:01 am ET until Tuesday, February 28 at 11:59 pm PT. Amid this time, anybody in the United States, Canada, or Mexico who burns through $100 through the PlayStation Store will get a $15 credit back on the very latest March 14.

In the event that you burn through $100 between February 21 and February 28, the $15 credit code will be sent to you by means of system notice on PS4 or PlayStation Vita. There will be an XMB message on PS3 or email at the latest March 14. The code must be recovered by 11:59 pm PT on March 31. Regardless of how much cash you spend amid the advancement time frame, just a single $15 credit can be earned.

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