Since last year, virtual reality has been getting a lot of attention. From Oculus Reality to PSVR, a lot of developers are increasingly focusing on making games for this new platform. Sony answered a lot of questions in their recent FAQ about the PSVR. It was a very long list of questions answered in detail. But what jumped out in particular was this question “Do you have plans to offer PS VR games on PlayStation Plus?” And SOny had a cryptic but optimistic answer to that.

playstation plus
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Could PlayStation VR games be coming to the PlayStation Plus

“PlayStation VR is our Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4, available 13th October. The core product includes the PS VR system, headphones and all cabling required, with a suggested retail price of £349.99/€399.99.

PlayStation VR allows you to experience the future of gaming through Virtual Reality with a PS VR system, your PS4 and PlayStation Camera. Most games utilise the Dualshock 4 wireless controller. Many PS VR games have an option to enhance their experience through the use of two PlayStation Move motion controllers, while there are a limited number of games that require two. The PS VR exclusive sci-fi FPS game, Farpoint, utilises the PS VR Aim controller to offer a realistic and precise way to control the game.

We have nothing to share about PlayStation Plus at this point in time, but we are looking into it.”

So, is that a definite yes? It most probably is even though it might not seem like it. VR is becoming increasingly accessible to gamers. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if next month or, at the very most, next year’s PlayStation Plus titles include VR games as well. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates about the new PlayStation VR headset and titles arriving to it in the future.