There have been many reports of Sony planning the release of the PlayStation 5 lately. This is perhaps due to the ever increasing threats from Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Last week, a known Sony analyst, Damian Thong, has speculated that Sony might unveil the said gaming console in the second half of 2018. Sparking rumors that Sony is quite aware of the impact the Project Scorpio has in the console market.

Playstation 5 updates

While it may sound reasonable for Sony to act upon the threats imposed by the Project Scorpio, some analyst believes that the 2018 release seems premature. According to Learn Bonds, there is a very strong chance that the predicted 2018 release for the PlayStation 5 will never happen. The website argues that Sony is experiencing massive sales on its current console offerings: the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

It is more likely that Sony will take advantage of this sudden boost in sales to market the PS4 and PS4 Pro instead of releasing a new one soon. Furthermore, if Sony does release the PlayStation 5 next year, it will eventually alienate a lot of PS4 Pro users as the console was just released late last year.

According to earlier reports, Sony intends to outmatch Microsoft’s Project Scorpio by giving the PlayStation 5 a 10-TFLOP custom chip. With its massive processing power, gamers can also expect an immersive 4K gaming experience with the console.

Playstation 5 updates

Unfortunately, these are nothing but speculations. In fact, Sony President Shuhei Yoshida believes that it is the developers who will dictate what they need from the console. He also said that if the developers think that the gaming community needs more machine power, then a more powerful PlayStation 5 console is just reasonable.

Learn Bonds ended that report on the PlayStation 5 by saying that Sony might delay the console until 2019. Furthermore, it also claims that the said gaming device will be priced somewhere around $500 when released.

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