The PlayStation 4 is pretty old, considering that Sony first launched the home video game console way back in 2013. Since then we have only been hearing rumors about PlayStation 5. But PS4 has been a massive success for the company and it looks the next gaming console from Sony and the successor of PlayStation 4 will push the notch even higher. Turns out Sony is already gearing up for the highly anticipated PS5 launch.


PlayStation 5 release date, variants, GTA 6 connection and more

According to latest reports, PS5 is expected to be released in two variants with VR headset. Moreover, PS5 will come with much-awaited Rockstar Games’ GTA 6. With GTA 6 ruled out in the immediate future, it’s very likely that PS5 will be launched with GTA 6.  There’s no reason why Sony wouldn’t want to capitalize on the hype surrounding the development of the Rockstar Games’ GTA 6. Also, PS5 is likely to offer more to players in terms of VR experience. On-the-go gaming system like Nintendo Switch is also being expected.

PS5 release date

PS5 is coming soon. But the exact release date is unknown at this point. Some tech experts are hinting at a late 2018 launch while others are speculating an early 2020 launch. 2019 seems to be quite feasible though.

PS5 Price

When PS4 first released, the $400 price seemed low compared to what it offered. Sony will probably not go beyond $500 for PS5, considering how important pricing has been for the success of PS4. But then, Sony may target the accessories for improving its profit margins. While the console itself may not be priced very high, the accessories are likely to receive a price jump on the higher side.


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