Sony’s PS4 Pro appears to be a stepping stone to the PS5. The reason Sony announced the PS4 Pro this early is because they want it to fill the gap between this year and 2018, the exact window for a PS5 development. These are just rumors but hear us out, we may be onto something here regarding the PS5 release date.

ps5 release date
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PS5 release date might be in 2018

The original source that leaked the Nintendo NX and PS4 Pro (back then it was called Neo) is now claiming that Sony is developing a new console called the PS5. The name could be different but it will definitely be a next gen console much powerful than the Scorpio.

PS4 and it’s big brother Pro have a lot of issues. We’re entering an era where consoles are losing the advantage they had over PCs by offering all the processing power in a single unit without needing an upgrade (which is a constant issue in PC gaming). However, with the arrival of the PS4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio we may finally see an end for that as well.

There’s another theory, however, that consoles are desperately trying to catch up to the PC by providing ground-breaking features that were available to high-end PC players for a very long time. We’re obviously talking about 4K and HDR. For us, HDR is something that is a bigger leap from 1080p rather than a direct leap to 4K without HDR.

However, in 2018 we would be seeing a lot of new things. This includes 8K and VR becoming commonplace in gamer households. So, the question now is will consoles try their best to keep up and offer all the capabilities of PC in a single console or will they once again resort to releasing beefed up version of their new consoles for more or the same price? We’ll have to wait and find out. 2018 is still a long way so enjoy the PS4 Pro (well at least until Microsoft reveals the Xbox One Scorpio, in that case, don’t even bother buying the inferior PS4 Pro).

We’ll keep you updated with more PS5 news and updates, stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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