PlayStation 5 has good news for developers who look for new challenges and pushing the limits of technological advancements in the developmental programming of their games. A past tech director of Criterion told EDGE recently that in their opinion, the coming world of console gaming is more animated, more realistic, and more dynamic than the games that the current generation of console platforms can provide.


A conversation with game developers from multiple well-off corporations revealed a general trend in the marketplace towards physics-based games. For those who don’t know, these are not exactly games partaking of quantum gravity or cosmology, but simple games involving dynamics that are in accordance with the laws of physics and nature. For example, if the length, height, and velocity of a ball in a sports-based game follows exactly what would happen in the real world, it is a physics based game.

These games are important to the context of next-generation consoles because they require a capacity for processing that is still unavailable in present day consoles. The only software that can run simulated realities of this nature are run on mainframe cluster computers in universities and research labs.

Quite obviously, neither Microsoft nor Sony have, as of yet, revealed officially any plans of their next gaming console. However, since the spokesperson from Criterion is a well-acclaimed personality in the world of game development, people are taking their view seriously and in all likeness, this is the beginning of a long line of rumours and conversations pertaining to the likelihood of advanced processing and development in next-generation consoles.


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