Microsoft have been doing pretty damn well for themselves this last few months. They’ve beaten the PlayStation 4 for three months in a row now. It’s a pretty nice streak in comparison to the PS4 console dominance we’ve seen for most of this generation. Not only sales but Microsoft is generating positive reviews in other areas as well. We’re of course talking about Xbox Play Anywhere. Dozens of backward compatibility games make the appeal of the console even more. But now it appears the winning streak might end soon.

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Can the PlayStation 4 beat Xbox One this holida? Michael Pachter thinks so

He needs no introduction. Michael Pachter is the analyst from Wedbush Securities.

“Sony still dominates the countries of non-English language, because it has a better brand. If you are in France, Italy, Spain or Germany and have played on the first PlayStation, it is normal that you love the PlayStation brand. Xbox has not had a successful console to the exit Xbox 360, have gained a bit ‘of land but I think they have lost at least half their audience with Xbox one. “

The company is going well. If you think that less than Slim PlayStation 4 Xbox one S costs, I think that Sony has a significant advantage over Microsoft in the coming months. Microsoft will sell a lot, I deem it a very good year, but at the same time Sony will exceed Xbox in PlayStation numbers.”

Michael has a really valid point about the PS4 Pro. That console will definitely give Sony the edge it so desperately needs. However, another important thing to consider is the PlayStation VR. The PSVR is selling so fast, Sony had to give orders to double the factory production. Combine this with the 4K compatible console and Sony has a game changer at their hands.

But we don’t think Sony will maintain their dominance for too long. Xbox One Scorpio is going to be out soon as well. And we already know it’s miles ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of hardware. Microsoft could put the nail in the coffin with that. Then there is the constant stream of backward compatibility games which saw popular 360 titles making their way on to the next gen ones. These include games like Halo Reach and Black Ops.

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