After releasing a major update for the PlayStation 4 a few weeks back, Sony has now released a new minor update for its console. This update doesn’t bring any new features like the previous one did but claims to bring performance improvements for your PS4 console. Sony has also mentioned just a single line the update notes.

PS4 5.0.1 Firmware Update

The PS4 firmware update carries the 5.0.1 version number, so you can guess how major it is. The only thing Sony has mentioned in the update notes is: “This system software update improves system performance.” The PS4 5.0.1 update was released on October 24th and should be available for all the users quite soon.

The update should apply automatically if your PS4 is in resting mode and if it is turned off, you shall get the prompt for this system update soon after booting up the console.

When released, the PS4 5.0 firmware update was stuffed with a lot of new features and improvements. Soon after its release, many PlayStation users complained about an error E-801809a8 that wouldn’t allow them to install the update. It was a mandatory update so it left the console useless until Sony came out with a fix.

With the new PS4 5.0 update, the users were able to make use of the improved parental controls and family management. The quick menu was overhauled to provide you with the updates with just one click. Messages was another department that saw design changes and additions to the features to make it much more usable.

During the first week of October, Sony had announced a new PSVR variant that came with a number of enhancements for better user experience. The cable management of the console was improved by a lot and it won’t be a clutter anymore. HDR pass-through was enabled for the PSVR unit that allows the users to watch HDR content ton TV without having to disconnect the unit. The availability details of the VR headset weren’t announced during the launch.

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