PlayStation 4 update 4.0 update adds a slew of new features. You are now able to make folders to sort out your games. This will allow easy access to certain games that you continuously play and replay. The PlayStation 4 Update 4.0 also enhanced the social aspect of the console. You can now share your gameplay moments, in the form of video and screenshot, much quickly.

playstation 4 update 4.0
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PlayStation 4 Update 4.0 – You can now see your hidden trophies

Previously you had to wait for someone else to discover it and post about it on a PlayStation forum. However, now you don’t have to rely on that. Instead, you can just click on a trophy and view all information about it on your console. Press the square button on a hidden trophy to show the hidden information.

Previous Rarity star scale replaced by a segmented pyramid to show how scarce your trophy amount is. Visit your Profile page. Select Games to get an overview for each title. This will show your trophy progress and most recent award. Furthermore, it will highlight the rarest trophy you’ve earned so far.

PlayStation 4 update 4.0 also includes redesigned screens for different menu options. You can now choose a cover image for your profile. On the profile screen, select(Options) > [Change Cover Image]. Transfer all your games, saved data, captures, and settings from one PS4 to another. You can now let players know you like their screenshots and video clips by commenting on them or selecting (Like). Privacy settings are now available for each of your games. You can hide your activities and trophies on a per-game basis. Select(Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Privacy Settings] > [Sharing Your Experience] > [Hidden Games]. You can now reply to original posts on the Community wall. Use the Share menu to post screenshots directly to a Community wall. From the Share menu, select [Screenshot] > [Communities].

Let us know what you think of the PlayStation 4 update 4.0 so far.


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