PlayStation 4 Slim is not like the Xbox One Slim in any way. In fact, to start off the console looks very ugly too in comparison to the Xbox One Slim. The new controller has different light bars but overall the console has a very dull aesthetic that doesn’t rank up to Microsoft’s slim version of the Xbox One.

playstation 4 slim
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PlayStation 4 Slim – All the specs are nearly identical except the hard drive size of course

Yeah, but is that really why you want to buy a new console? To get an extra 500 GB space for games and slightly more room for some extra goodies to place on the same table with the PlayStation 4 Slim because the console is 30% smaller in size?

However, the console doesn’t have optical audio out, so those who like to have it hooked to their home theater will be annoyed. Xbox One Slim had extra features to provide incentives for you to buy it. These include 4K Blu-Ray (Which, by the way, isn’t even in the upcoming Playstation 4 pro) and 4K streaming.

With the announcement of the new PlayStation 4 Pro, we have absolutely no idea why Sony even decided to make the PlayStation 4 Slim available anyways. You have a console with little to no difference with the PlayStation 4 Slim and now you want to take away the very little incentive players had to buy the slimmer console by announcing a beefed up version of the PlayStation 4.

We have no idea why anyone would bother with the PlayStation 4 Slim at this point, unless they’re hardcore Sony fanboys. In that case, well have fun with more games on your console but no 4K streaming or 4K Blu-Ray, which Xbox One Slim owners are currently enjoying.

Let us know what you think of the PlayStation 4 Slim so far. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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