A few months ago Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo was rumored to be released. There were numerous leaks regarding the specs and hardware and it appears most of them were pretty accurate. This isn’t a new console so to speak. Think of it as just another version of the PlayStation 4. All of your PS4 games will run on this version and there will be no PS4 pro exclusives as we were initially led to believe. We also got to see how it looks like. It looks like a standard PS4 with just another tier on top of it. It looked even bigger when they showed it off next to the PlayStation 4 Slim. Of course, this was going to happen. You can’t just expect better performance without an overall size increase. It’s going to cost $399. However, we don’t have good news for people wanting to buy the new console. In our PlayStation 4 Pro 4K preview, we’ll tell you why you should ditch the PS4 Pro and buy an Xbox One Scorpio instead.

playstation 4 pro 4k preview
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PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Preview – No 4K Blu-Ray? Well, you’re better off with the Xbox One Scorpio then

On demand streaming video is also something that Sony was highlighting in their PlayStation 4 Pro 4K preview. 4K Netflix, 4K Youtube as well as HDR versions of the new TV shows on Netflix look great but with one glaring omission which we can’t wrap our heads around. And that’s no support for 4K Blu-Rays.

Sony was one of the investors in Blu-Ray technology and even the new Xbox One Slim has 4K Blu-Ray support. We can’t decide if Sony made the decision that digital media was much more important or there was a cost issue or maybe they just lost the plot. Therefore, this sounds like a pretty big omission.

Andrew House of Sony stated that there’s not enough interest of 4K Blu-Ray to support the format in the new PlayStation 4 Pro 4K preview. This has some truths to it but it’s also a gamble. Suppose 4K Blu-Ray does get into much more demand in the near future. In that case, the Xbox One Scorpio will have the absolute advantage over Sony.

Let us know what you think of the PlayStation 4 Pro 4K preview.


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