Now that the buzz of E3 is well done and over, the analysis has begun. Michael Pachter, long-time video game industry analyst talked to GamerTag regarding Microsoft’s decision to announce Project Scorpio. Interestingly, he also believes that the PlayStation 4 NEO and Nintendo NX will both be delayed into mid-2017. At present, Nintendo NX is expected to release in March 2017, while Sony’s PlayStation 4 NEO is believed to come out in only a few months’ time from now.

PlayStation 4

Pachter believes that Sony is best prepared to launch hardware in the gaming space, and that if the Neo wasn’t seen at E3 2016, then it has likely been delayed. He expects the console to launch sometime in April – June 2017. Present rumours peg the console’s release to be this year. If Pachter is right, then Sony will only be releasing PlayStation VR this year in October. Pachter also explains that it is in fact easier to launch a console in the middle of a year, as that means less demand.

Talking about Nintendo, Pachter again says that if the console is on track to launch in March, then it would have been shown at E3 this year. Its absence makes him think that the console will come out later than March, especially if we don’t see an announcement or specifications by August or September.

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