A lot of Android users already know that beta versions of apps can be sideloaded easily on Android devices either by downloading them from the developer’s website or from any other APK site. Well, if you like testing betas before the final versions are rolled out to the public, then you will surely like the latest Google Play Store APK update.

google play store apk download

Once you download Google Play Store 6.7 APK and install it on your Android device, you need to open the Play Store app. Now you will be asked whether you want to become a beta tester. If you accept it, you will start seeing beta versions of popular apps in the Play Store. You will see that the beta versions are marked as (Beta). Also, if an app has not been released to the public yet and is in beta, it will carry the (Unreleased) tag.

With the new Google Play Store APK download, you can join and leave beta tests using an option given at the bottom of the page of the app. You can even leave private feedback for the developer. This new app seriously helps users and developers make beta testing more mainstream. You can download Google Play Store APK latest version from apkmirror.com.


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